Ross Baird Kasakoff

Headshots (2)


Ross, a former player of the youth teams of E.C Comercial, MS Operário F.C, Cene, and E.C Vitória. Although I didn’t reach the professional level, I played alongside many players who are now in the best clubs in Brazil, Europe, and the Premier League. Experiencing the most competitive, demanding, and exhausting part of football, which is the transition to the professional level, made me realize that most clubs overlook something that is done very well here in the United States – the development of the human being in their biopsychosocial aspects. We may not have many Messis or Cristianos Ronaldos per generation, but we will have doctors, lawyers, engineers, citizens – those who use football as a tool to develop as human beings and enhance their physical and psychological skills through teamwork, the feeling of overcoming challenges, and various other aspects.