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AFC at Home

Player's Guide

Need some ideas on how to train at home or during the off season?

Start with as much as YOU can do and go from there! Start with the simple things, get the foundational technique down and then challenge yourself. It can be frustrating but make it fun. Start by juggling with just your laces, or thighs if easier then alternate. Can you then involve your chest, shoulders, and head (for U11+). If you are an avid/strong juggler and really looking to challenge yourself, can you do the around the world challenge; right laces, right thigh, right shoulder, head, left shoulder, left thigh and left laces.

Parent's Guide

Instead of asking your player if they won, if they scored, or how the game went -- Have a conversation with the player on whether they would like to provide you with their feedback on the game or not (that is okay if they do not at the moment) AND most importantly, when. Eventually they will but refrain from pressuring them to do so; make it more of a conversation than a demand or a must! Once they give you that okay, here is how you can approach it: I would love to hear your perspective on how the game went? If you were the broadcaster, how would you summarize/narrate the game? Let them be the driver because most players hate the dreadful "how was the game", "did you win", "did you score", etc etc and want to feel in power since parents are always at the wheel.

Coaches Guide

Unlock your players' confidence by allowing/enabling them to make mistakes, help them rectify such actions, and they will go through a wall for you!